4TB Seagate Desktop HDD [ST4000DM000 Barracuda]

Seagate Desktop HDD: get what you want. Count on Seagate to deliver the
storage innovations that bring your costs down and crank your storage
up. Industry’s first 1TB-per-disk hard drive technology. OptiCache™
technology exploits big 64MB cache sizes and improves microprocessor
capabilities Seagate OptiCache™ technology improves performance by up to
45% over the previous generation SATA 6Gb/s technology maximizes
performance. Seagate AcuTrac™ technology enables reliable read/write
performance even in high-touch operating environments Free DiscWizard™
software enables capacities beyond 2TB on legacy PC BIOS and Windows
XP-based systems.

Product Description

Seagate brings over 30 years of trusted performance and reliability to the
new Seagate® Desktop HDDs—now available in capacities up to 4TB.

Double your capacity and drive down costs with up to 1TB-per-disk hard
drive technology.
SATA 6Gb/s interface optimizes burst performance
Seagate AcuTrac™ servo technology delivers dependable performance,
even with hard drive track widths of only 75 nanometers.
Seagate OptiCache™ technology boosts overall performance by as
much as 45%.
Free Seagate DiskWizard™ software allows you to install 3TB and 4TB
hard drives in Windows, including XP, without UEFI BIOS.

Best-Fit Applications
• Desktop or all-in-one PCs
• Home servers
• PC-based gaming systems
• Desktop RAID
• Direct-attached external storage devices (DAS)
• Network-attached storage devices (NAS)

4TB  Seagate Desktop HDD [ST4000DM000 Barracuda]
4TB  Seagate Desktop HDD [ST4000DM000 Barracuda]

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