AverMedia AVerTV Express 009

AVerTV Express 009 provides you a marvelous TV viewing experience from comfort sofa to PC. You can enjoy worldwide analog TV and FM radio broadcasting with stereo sound and turns your PC into personal multimedia center! AVerTV Express 009 adopts PCI-Express interface to guarantee that your favorite shows can be preserved precisely and smoothly.

The exclusive AVerTV 3D software program offers advanced real-time H.264 recording compression technology up to resolution of 320X240 iPod video format recording. It lets you easily scheduled and instantly record the shows your love directly in PSP, iPod, iPhone or Apple TV format. Needless of wasting your time on file conversion, you can immediately import your recording to your iDevices and savor lovely programs anytime and anywhere.

You can also pause live TV while you are away and resume anytime in TimeShift or preview from 4 up to 64 channels on one screen and choose the most preferred. With the built-in AV input, AVerTV Express 009 enables you to digitize video from various analog video sources and turn them into DVDs easily. Now enjoy your PCTV as much as you want!

  • AVerTV 3D provides you an intuitive user interface with frequent-used function
  • You can easily switch channel, adjust volume, just like the same way you do with TV.
  • Enjoy TV Shows on iPhone & iPad with H.264 format.
  • Upload file to YouTube & Facebook
  • PCI-Express

AverMedia AVerTV Express 009

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