CPU 128-bit PlayStation 2 CPU
System Clock Frequency 294.912 MHz
Cache Memory Instruction: 16KB, Data: 8KB 16KB (ScrP)
Main Memory Direct Rambus (Direct RDRAM)
Memory Size 32MB
Memory Bus Bandwidth 3.2GB per Second
Co-processor FPU (Floating Point Unit)
Floating Point Multiply Accumulator x 1,
Floating Point Divider x 1
Vector Units VU0 and VU1
Floating Point Multiply Accumulator x 9,
Floating Point Divider x 3
Floating Point Performance 6.2 GFLOPS

3D CG Geometric Transformation 66 Million Polygons per second

Compressed Image Decoder MPEG2

Graphics Graphics Synthesizer™
Clock Frequency 147.456MHz
Embedded DRAM 4MB
DRAM Bus bandwidth 48GB per Second
DRAM Bus width 2560 Bits
Pixel Configuration RGB:Alpha:Z Buffer (24:8:32)
Polygon Drawing Rate 75 Million Polygons per Second
Screen Resolution Variable from 256 x 224 to 1280 x 1024

Sound “SPU2 CPU”
Number of Voices ADPCM: 48ch on SPU2 plus definable, software programmable voices
Sound Memory 2MB
Output Frequency Variable up to 48 KHz (DAT quality)

IOP I/O Processor
CPU Core PlayStation (current) CPU
Clock Frequency 33.8688MHz or 36.864MHz (Selectable)
IOP Memory 2MB
Sub Bus 32-bit
Interface Types IEEE1394 i.Linkä , Universal Serial Bus (USB) x 2
Controller Port x 2, Memory Card x 2

Disc Device CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
Device Speed CD-ROM 24 times speed
DVD-ROM 4 times speed

New Features
(North American model) Drive bay (for 3.5″ hard disc drive)
Expansion unit (for network interface)
DVD-Video playback built into the hardware, no Memory Card required

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Sony Playstation 2

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