Water Air Purifier

Operating Instruction
Fill the basin with 1000 ml of clean water
Pour in four to six drops of essential oil
Make sure that the top is covered, then plug the outlet. It’s operating

Lowest cost: use natural water
Saves electricity: 14 w cheaper than normal lamp
Air purifier
Air moisturizer
Easy to wash
Reliable safety
Adding essential oils, it can release ion fragrance antibiotics and aroma that soothe rejuvenate and relax your body and mind It improves your respiratory system and prevents respiratory infections by suppressing airborne germs and bacteria
Adding antiseptic or vinegar, it can clear the air of smoke and odors in the room. Helps to defend against allergies
Great benefit for people suffering from asthma, it purifies staled or polluted air
Adding insect repellent, it can drive away insect within an area of 200 sq ft
The air refresher can run all day and night without any heat
The air refresher will also remove pet odours

Water Air Purifier

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